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Teeka Tiwari

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I understand this is a special offer to celebrate the success of Teeka's new Jump Point Trader service—and that this exclusive offer is valid until midnight Sunday, March 1st.

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I understand this is a special one-time offer to celebrate Teeka's new Jump Point Trader service—and that this exclusive offer is valid until midnight Sunday, March 1st.

Here's a complete breakdown of everything I'm going to get when I subscribe before the deadline:

One full year of Jump Point Trader updates and trade recommendations. Twice a month, before the market opens, Teeka will send you details on the most attractive new trades identified by his technical trading system... and he'll give you easy-to-follow instructions on exactly what to do.

(He'll also recommend options plays that could potentially double your returns—or more)

And he'll send regular email updates with new information and instructions on how to handle each recommended play...

Two full years of Teeka's Mega Trends recommendations. You'll receive Teeka's premium Mega Trends Investment Advisory, which normally sells for $199 a year, for 24 full months... completely free with this offer! Each issue contains the latest recommendation from Teeka, plus comprehensive market analysis, to keep you better prepared to profit!

(*Note: If you're a current Mega Trends subscriber, your membership will be upgraded to Platinum Level and you'll have two more years added to your subscription free of charge!)

The Jump Point Trader Video Primer Series: In this five-part video series, Teeka and his research assistant Lance Goldberg will personally walk you through every step of the way. So you can trading with Jump Point Trader immediately. Teeka will give you full access to this for FREE!

Bonus: Access to the “Pyramiding Your Profits” Training Presentation:In this exclusive online training session, Teeka will show you how to “pyramid” your profits, to squeeze bonus gains out of positions that are performing exceptionally well. (A $695 value... yours FREE!)

Teeka’s “New Golden Ratio” Presentation: You’ll also receive a recording of Teeka presenting his most important recent finding at the Palm Beach Research Group Infinity conference from October. In it, he demonstrates where the market is headed over the next 12 months and what you need to do to prepare and profit. (People paid up to $3,950 to attend this presentation in person. But this recording is yours FREE!)

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Try out the service. Follow the recommendations. See the proof that Teeka's service will help you identify momentum trades... and if it fails to live up to your expectations, simply let us know and we'll issue you a prompt (and cheerful) refund.

That means you can give Jump Point Trader a complete test-drive over the next 3 months and if you're not satisfied that this service can help you make significant money, without taking unnecessary risks, then simply let us know and you will receive a full refund, minus a $99 processing fee.

Price: $1,950

(No debit cards please) When you pay for a one-year subscription to Jump Point Trader with your credit card, you will be billed $1,950. After your year is up, we will automatically bill your card $2,000 each year after for Jump Point Trader. This auto-renew feature does not obligate you in any way, you may opt out of auto-renew at any time after this purchase. You will still have the next 3 months to review Teeka's research.

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I've invested some money into his recommendations and have a positive return of about 81% in less than 6 months, including losers... Looking forward to more recommendations to invest in!”
—Linda M.

If all Teeka’s targets come true by Jan 2016 I will have 3 million usd profit form my initial 16k investment!” 
—Joe H.
My 401k was about 30k below my husbands and now I'm past his by about 10,000.00!
—Lisa S.
“You’re the first Wall Street guy that has ever called to buy when a person needs to. Most would of called yesterday or today. You’re the guy I’ve been lookin’ for for years and I’m tellin’ everyone I know...”
—Earl B.
“I just wanted to write and thank you for the update today.  It was by far the most informative and useful update I have ever seen in the investing newsletter industry... I was able to slam this into my brain in a matter of minutes.  You were able to provide hard metrics (when available) to help us understand where a stock currently stands and why.”
—John M.
“My 401(k) was about 30k below my husband’s and now I'm past his by about $10,000! I appreciate that you don't blow up my email, I ALWAYS read your stuff. I appreciate your newsletter.”
—Lisa S.
“Teeka is terrific! Just listen to his video reviews of the market and portfolio - no one else does it so sincerely!”
—Menaki K.
“Thank you for your newsletter! For me, your newsletter is one of the BEST values as I subscribe to many wealth building newsletters.”
—Gary B.

A newsletter that not only gives good investment advise but also educates you instead of just using your interest to bombard you with "I want to sell you more worthless advice" ads.

Thanks for all your advice and help.”

—Shane R.
“My results by directing part of my investments to follow his recommendations has yielded 68% annualized return so far... I can't wait for Teeka's high-end service and his Wealth Summit.   And I'm excited about the in-person wealth meetings.  Keep me posted on dates and locations because I'll do everything I can to be there.  What a wonderful idea!”
—Bruce A.
“I've been investing for 20 years and have subscribed to many investment advisory services.  I believe I can tell the good from the bad.  The number one criterion is: does it make me money? Next, I look at the quality of the analysis, is it easy to understand.  On all points, your service is A+.  

“... a service of this quality should be much more.  You are basically giving it away for free.”

—Allan S.
At the time that I signed up for Infinity Membership, I weighted the cost of that membership and made a decision based solely on the benefits that I received at the time of that inaugural offer... Now with Teeka Tiwari's introduction into the PBL fold along with his programs JPT and MegaTrends, the value is incredible.
—Scotty J.

Teeka, or Big T, is an interesting analyst. I find myself disagreeing with him, and then, upon reflection changing my mind. Then there are times when I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with him on parts of the same article. In short e is a person that stimulates thought for me and that is very valuable.
—Fred F.

Congratulations on a very informative seminar.  Teeka and Bob were great.  It's nice to hear about a different take on how to invest.  I had never heard anything about Teeka until this [video] series, and I was very impressed with his knowledge and humor.
—James K.

Teeka's emphasis on risk management while generating great returns is exactly what I have been looking for,  As the last 6 years since 2008 has proven risk management coupled with  wise investments in stocks ready to jump can generate huge returns
—Terry M.

I enjoy reading your insightful stock and trend analyses and have recently started buying equities in my IRA account. I trust your research and find that your in depth information of different investments if by far the best I have found thus far!
—Trudy K.

It's hard to argue with Teeka's results. And I love his emphasis on risk mitigation. I'm excited to learn more!”
—Bryan W.



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